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Danfoss Performer Compressor

Brand New Performer Scroll Compressors SH300B4ABC

Product introduction 
 Performer Scroll Compressors
 Compressor power supply [V/Ph/Hz]:380-400/3/50,460/3/60
 Brand technique:Scroll compressor
 Motor protection:Internal overload protector
 Frequency [Hz]:50/60
 Power Source: AC Power
 Transport Package: Wood Package
 Origin: China/France
    1.Product parameter(Specification)

    2.Product feature and application
    50Hz date 
    Model             Nominal Cap.(Btu/h)          Power input(kw)           E.E.R (Btu/h /W) 
    SH090                76100                                 7.19                          10.59
    SH105                 91600                                8.47                          10.80
    SH161                 132400                             12.15                         10.90
    SH180                 151800                              13.73                        10.95
    SH184                  152500                             13.73                        11.10
    SH295                  249800                             22.50                        11.10
    SH300                  256400                             23.32                        11.00
    SH380                  308700                             28.19                        10.95
    SH485                  396900                            35.75                         11.10

    3.Production details 
    Diameter [mm]:333mm
    Net weight:152 kg
    Oil charge [L]: 6.7 L
    Oil reference:160SZ
    Fitting standard: ODF
    Discharge connection pipe size [in]:1 1/8 in
    Glass mounting:Threaded
    High value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]:400V
    High value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]:506V

    4.Shipping, Payment,Delivery and Packing
    1. T/T
    2. Western Union

    Here we guarantee on time delivery and if necessary, 
    we will provide you the best logistics solution for the goods to reach at your location on time.
    Q1:What is the packaging and shipping method?
        A:By Sea: Export wooden package,with refrigerant oil .
            By Air: Full-sealed wooden package, without refrigerant oil.
    Q2:Which port does you ship from?
        A: Guangzhou/Shenzhen.

     Q3: What is the price?
    A:The price is depends on the quantity 
    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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